The challenge:

As the market leader in chemicals and manufacturing, Akzo Nobel supply consumers with household name brands in decorative paints. Over time, with the aim of diversifying from pure product supply, the business had tried launching services to consumers with varying success.

The Virtual Team was approached to help them approach this need as a start up might – more efficiently, faster and ultimately, to improve the chances of success.

What we did:

We first helped qualify and quantify the overall opportunity to help form a compelling business case for executive sign off. Significantly, the business case underpinned a strategic opportunity to transition and deepen the relationship they had with consumers.

We moved them quickly into delivery mode, structuring teams and designing delivery plans to work in an iterative, agile way. We brought in new technology resource to take an MVP approach to realising the product. We showed the teams how to confidently test and learn, to inform and validate key assumptions we made in the business plans.

Ultimately, over the course of months rather than years, we took them to service launch readiness across a series of complex initiatives.


We succeeded in taking strategic and complex opportunities in a large global business, simplified and delivered them for the business quickly. Importantly, we did this largely with their internal resource, sharing knowledge and embedding learning into the business.

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