The challenge:

Arria NLG is a leader in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Generation technology that allows data to be analysed and reported against in human language, in real-time. The breadth of applications for the technology made it challenging for Arria to prioritise their positioning and marketing strategies – the technology adds insight and value wherever there is complex real-time data. 

What we did:

The Virtual Team’s extensive cross-sector industry network allowed us to access the relevant thinkers and practitioners necessary to inform business strategy and planning, producing joined-up market analysis and potential growth models for Arria to consider. We  then used that insight to help Arria define and launch new offerings.


Arria is equipped with an informed and joined-up product strategy, along with an agile and scalable product marketing process that accelerates their go-to-market timetable. We are helping Arria to execute against identified opportunities, and our approach ensures that Arria’s team benefits in the long term from our knowledge transfer and best-practice.

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