The challenge:

Artquest is a leading non-profit organisation hosted by UAL that provides a complete information resource for visual artists, as well as providing them with critical engagement and practical support, events and publications. The current economic climate has created funding pressures that means that Artquest needs to ensure that they can continue to provide the services needed by visual artists across the UK and beyond, whilst developing a sustainable business model that is valued by the UK’s visual arts industry.

What we did:

As a long-standing supporter of Artquest, The Virtual Team carried out a rapid evaluation, working with stakeholders to update Artquest’s purpose and goals that builds on Artquest’s strengths but reframes the organisation in a more commercially compelling context. We identified and defined a new set of success criteria that will be turned into an action-plan, which we will support into delivery. This process protects and builds on Artquest’s mission, and prepares the organisation for the next phase of its evolution.


We’ve helped to deliver an internally supported new action-plan that’s commercially realistic, achievable, measurable and agile. We are assisting Artquest to look confidently at a transition and renewed purpose without the endless analysis or deliberation that might be expected of a public sector organisation.

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