Chris Cragg

Chris is a Chartered Accountant (KPMG), consultant and entrepreneur. With experience as CEO, COO and CFO for a range of start-ups and rapid growth businesses, Chris excels in growing value with new thinking and energy. With a formal background at JP Morgan, Barclays Capital and Orange Plc. Chris has spent the last 15 years’ assisting businesses grow, diversify and exit.

Most recently Chris assisted a digital publisher with business planning, re-positioning and exit negotiations. Prior to that Chris launched a new music technology company working with artists like The Who, Chemical Brothers and UMG; and previous to that, assisted an Advertising Agency triple profits through expansion into new territories in India and the Middle East. Chris spent 8 years in Cape Town, restructuring a clothing manufacturer and founding and exiting a food processing company. This combination of financial expertise and hands-on experience makes Chris an invaluable resource for any company looking to fast-track their value.

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