The ways in which we work with our clients varies depending on their needs, and where we can add most value. We have grouped examples of how we work here into ‘Our Services’. This is not a prescriptive list and certainly not exhaustive!

Enterprise Support

The core of our focus since setting up in 2013 has been supporting our clients develop and launch new products and services, taking them to market with confidence.

Our ‘start-up’ expertise and breadth of commercial experience enables us to work with early stage businesses and large corporate businesses alike. We give early stage businesses the focus and structure they need to develop and grow, and larger companies the expertise to operate as a start up – creating the environment for agility and entrepreneurial thinking within corporate walls.

We bridge skills and experience gaps in management teams, provide virtual teams to help deliver and generally flex to help our clients deliver and succeed. Have a look at some of our example projects for more on how we’ve helped businesses succeed.


We specifically designed Outperform for Start Up and very early stage businesses as cost effective way of accessing the breadth and depth of the expertise of The Virtual Team.

With a low monthly cost, you will have ‘on tap’ access to your key point of support as and when you need help. Whether it’s a quick call to ask an opinion, or a meeting to work through the business plan, the time will be designed to help you make progress faster, and with more success.

Innovation Partnering

We enjoy partnering and collaborating with creative businesses to add our ‘business engineering’ thinking to their creative thinking. Between us, we work with companies and brands to explore, validate and come up with smart ways of testing new and different opportunities.
If you are a creative business looking at adding more value to your client relationships, then get in touch.

Investor and NED Support

Experience is expensive. Most businesses (growth or large companies equally) lack key skills in key roles or areas. Rarely have we encountered a management team that is perfectly complete.

In a Non-Executive capacity, we sit on and chair the boards of our clients to listen, sense check and challenge. Our objective is to help clients make better decisions, feel supported and more confident in running their businesses. We don’t do tick box exercises on boards or just make a quorum – we’re there to add real value and ensure the Board does too.

We also work with investor groups to support pre investment due diligence, post investment support and turn-around help when things are not looking good.

MVP and Product Development

In working with enterprising businesses, we often encounter the need for support in developing and realising new products and services. Some are technology based, some are not.

We teamed up with our sister company Think & Thing to provide clients with an intelligent, yet cost effective approach to testing their ideas. If you are looking for tech support on a project, or ways to take your idea to market contact the team to see how they can really help you optimise what you’re doing.

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