The challenge:

RAND Europe is a globally recognised not-for-profit research institute whose mission is to help improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis. The European business had grown from 10 people at launch, to over 100 people across 3 offices over a 10 year period. At this stage of continued year on year growth, the business identified the need to review some of the underlying operations of the business which they suspected were not optimised.

What we did:

The Virtual Team quickly conducted an analysis of the business, gaining insight and context from members of the various teams. We quickly identified that the business had fundamentally outgrown some of the structure and processes put in place at the outset, and this was now having a material effect on the delivery of its core activities and the performance and wellbeing of its staff.

We produced a set of recommendations to start to implement organisational change and operational improvement quickly to alleviate pressure. We then convened and facilitated a Change Programme for the business to implement the recommendations over a 6 month period, designed to improve organisational structure and re-engineer some of the core business processes to better support the continued plans for growth.


New functions and roles were created to unlock issues that were materially impacting the business. We delivered the structure and guided the business on implementing it internally, ensuring knowledge sharing to support sustainability. 

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